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HAVVN Annual Free Shipping Club for Preferred Customers     IBO Lifetime Free Shipping

  •  Free shipping on all qualifying A/S orders ($190+ value) (Beginning Order)

  •  Free Will Call pick ups (on any order belonging to the member IBO/PC) (Boise Only)

  •  Any IBO or Preferred Customer who joins HAVVN may be a member

  •  Select and maintain a qualifying Autoship of 100CV uninterrupted during the year**

  •  Pay an annual membership fee of just $79, billed annually

**As a member of the HAVVN Annual Free Shipping Club, you will receive free shipping as long as you

maintain your 100CV autoship uninterrupted during the year of your membership. The club membership is valid for 12 months following payment of your $79 membership fee. If you miss or skip your autoship, you will lose the benefits of the club until you renew your membership fee.


Shipping Club Rules


1. Must live within the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, or US Virgin Islands

2. All shipments will be sent USPS Priority or Ground option at HAVVNís discretion

3. If IBO/PC misses a monthís Auto Ship they will forfeit club membership

4. No refunds will be allowed on Lifetime and/or Annual Club fees (Except when made within the 3 Day

cooling off period)

5. Shipping Club must be joined during first 30 days of becoming an IBO or PC by calling 801-424-7300.

a. If you drop out of a club, you can rejoin the Annual Club, but cannot rejoin the Lifetime Club.

7. Shipping Club is non-transferable

8. If a PC member upgrades to an IBO with a TrendFronter Kit, the Lifetime Free Shipping Club will be

available to them as new IBOs

9. If an autoship is sent to the wrong address due to the IBO not updating their account in a timely manner, we

will re-ship, charge the order shipping, and they will keep their club membership

10. IBOs will lose membership in a club if they miss an autoship due to a declined CC. It is the responsibility of the IBO to maintain an accurate credit card on file